Every boat needs some type of ordinary boatyard assistance, for example the cleaning of the hull, servicing of the boats and their engines, but also special assistance for repairs or personalized modifications that all boat owners dream of for their boats.

YachtSynergy was built on the pioneering spirit of Tommy Moscatelli’s boatyard and therefore we have the right DNA to offer you technical, planning and operational assistance in this sector.

We can offer our services everywhere in Italy as we have a widespread presence in the Ligurian sea, the Tyrrhenian sea, the upper Adriatic sea and for Southern Italy, in Puglia and Calabria.
Here are the services we can offer you:
- Regular Boat Maintenance:hull cleaning, inboard and outboard engine servicing, and RINA checks
- Administrative Assistance: change of ownership paperwork, modification and registration documentation, approval certification, boat surveys by qualified professionals and appraisals.
- Non-regular Boat Repairs and Maintenance: damage repairs, interior and exterior refurbishment, upholstery, sails, furnishings, bimini and spryhood.
- Refitting and modifications: rebuilding and regeneration of hulls and engines, internal /external refitting, and approved structural modications.
- After-Sale Service:installation, checking and testing of on-board equipment and after-sale assistance.
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