An archipelago of both services and products to allow you to sail with peace of mind, here is what we can offer you: a cutting-edge Italian nautical company made for the ultimate user experience.
It is impossible to talk about YachtSynergy without mentioning Tommy Moscatelli, as Tommy is not only the founder and owner of the business but he has been part of the Italian nautical scene from the very beginning. We are referring to when Tommy and his brother Enrico established the first ship chandler’s in a garage in front of their home, over 50 years ago.

No, we are not trying to make out that he is the Italian equivalent of Steve Jobs, but that he is someone who has never abandoned the Italian nautical sector. Instead, he has been involved in all its various phases and developments, so that he has become a leading figure in this world, unique in both Italy and in the rest of the world. We could tell you about how he opened one of the first boatyards in Fiumicino Rome, which at that time was the most important area in the Italian boating world.

Or we could describe how his professionalism allowed him to work with well known architects such as Jack De Riodder, Ron Holland and German Frers, Sciomachen and how he became involved in the marketing of yachts from famous shipyards like: Comar, Cantiere del Pardo, X-Yachts, Beneteau, Ice Yachts, Fiart Mare and Marco Holm’s sail loft Millenium, progressing to being the sole distributor in Italy for C&C Yachts, Carrol Marine, Freedom Yachts, Oyster, Smartboat, Nautitech Catamarans, Aiden Yachts and Little Harbour.

Nowadays, YachtSynergy sells Wauquiez Boats, RM Yachts, Latitude 46 Tofinou, Rhea Marine, Neel Trimarans, Sealine, Fjord and Ice Yachts.
Above all, for all boat enthusiasts we could tell you about his sporting adventures which took him to become one of the first Italians to take part in the Admiral’s Cup, how sailing boats which he had rigged have won in all types of regatta races, and how this led him to have his own racing team, which allowed him to work with talented sailors who became great sailing aces with him.

However, we would risk sounding our trumpet a little too loud.
Today, although the YachtSynergy company is made up of a lot of different people and is involved in many activities, they all have in common those qualities of professionalism that Tommy has always promoted. So we, Tommy’s fellow workers, would like to underline how his dedication, passion, professionalism and his attention to his client’s needs has rubbed off on us and is the example to which we aspire to achieve new goals…..for many more years together with our friends who are incidentally also our clients!

One day, as a boy, they said to me: 'If you want to do this job, you must be the King of the port! Everyone must know you ... ' Since then I have never left the docks.

Tommy Moscatelli

Il Team di YachtSynergy


After many years, perhaps the most well-known Italian yacht broker. The best world brands have passed into his hands and today, after fifty years of work, he still has not tired of giving dreams.

Cala Galera - Administrative secretary

Marta solves every administrative problem that, for those who surf, can represent an insurmountable storm!

Porto Romano - Sailing and charter school

Whether on the web or in the middle of the sea, he always loves to surf. He will be able to read your "visions" to satisfy them.

Cala Galera - Construction site, appraisals, consultancy.

He loves the "boat" in all its forms and cares for it, looks after it and pampers it beautifully.