Accessory services for the upkeep of your boat. Training courses for crew and Team building courses for the Business world

It is the details that often make up most of the entity. The accessories on a boat are not elements that should be underestimated, because they are responsible for the comfort and security of your boat not only while at sea, but in every aspect of life on board at 360°.
We can select for you, install and test absolutely any type of nautical accessory, ranging from electronic products to a tender, as we are ready to offer you the most advanced, luxurious and sophisticated objects that are available.
Here are the services we can offer you in this sector:

Sale, installation and setting up of electronic on-board equipment:
We can not only sell you all types of essential electronic instruments but we can install and tune them up for an ideal use. As we specialize in new technology we are able to guide you to the latest electronic equipment that can be used on a boat.

Nautical accessories:
Dopo un passato da ship chandler ogni piccolo accessorio non ha segreti per noi. Chiedete e vi troveremo il prodotto migliore

What do you think about the splendid Gocycle, an electric bike that was just made to be stowed inside a ship’s locker? Or an electric scooter like Littleboard?
We have one department in our company that is dedicated, with passion, to digging up all these brand new electrical accessories that are just made for sustainable mobility. Please visit the page GUV GREEN UTILITY VEHICLES to find out more.

DOKENSIP . This is an amazing wireless system that monitors and offers security for your boat.
We are always searching for products that will offer you the best on the market for your boats and your happiness!