RMs are real Fast Ocean Sailing Yachts: all the conception / design and construction is in fact centered on this philosophy. There are many advantages that you will find in RM and that make them extremely performing, fast, marine yachts suitable for long-range sailing. The panoramic view from the inside to control navigation on autopilot; The large comfortable and spacious technical room where you can put all the material necessary for long navigation and which allows you to easily access all the technical elements (batteries, electrical panel, engine, etc.); The comfortable and practical U-shaped kitchen for cooking while sailing and offering good support for a heeled boat; The large chart table; The interiors are very welcoming and with attention to detail inspired by the houses of the Ile de Ré or Cape Cod or Nantucket! The mainsail is battened and is mounted on ball bearing carriages; There is always a staysail for sailing in the strong wind and for a fast and performing boat The cockpit is ergonomic and the Genoa winches are retracted for solo sailing. We come then to the constructive part: Built in marine plywood and epoxy resin, the RMs, according to the architect and creator Marc Lombard, are more powerful than the classic fiberglass sailboats. The advantages of the combination between marine plywood and epoxy resin (optional Kevlar coating), explains Marc Lombard himself, are numerous. It is necessary to analyze them under different aspects; Longevity: In France, the construction in marine plywood has been used for more than 50 years and the hulls and structures are still in excellent condition. Today, with new epoxy resins, longevity has further improved. The fact to consider is that, compared to fiberglass boats, the structure of the MRI is not of the "disposable" type, but destined to last over time as there is no risk of osmosis, delamination, electrolysis. Rigidity: The other advantage is given by rigidity, an essential aspect in the boat's performance. The less the boat is deformed by stress, the faster and safer the boat is. The marine plywood and the epoxy resin allow to obtain faster boats thanks to their rigidity !. Lightness / solidity: Thanks to its lower density, marine plywood is a lighter material, with the same flexibility, or, considered in another aspect, it is more solid than the current fiberglass or aluminum boats of equivalent weight. The compromise of MRI is to have something of both advantages: they are both lighter and more resistant, in structural terms. Kevlar: The Kevlar coating represents an additional advantage. The coating of the hull with this fiber makes it possible to protect it from sharp corners or from bumps against floating objects. In short, many advantages for beautiful boats. Here is the range you can also try ... our owners love to make future buyers' eyes shine!