Boats conceived and built by expert engineers and excellent navigators to make you appreciate the charm of life on board. Passion & Innovation for over thirty years are the inspiring principles that have guided the Salpa Shipyard since the construction of the first boat. Technological Process Innovative aviation-derived technologies are applied extensively for the first time in the yachting sector. Through the use of: - Naval architecture software have been used for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculations and have led to the definition of the best hull that guarantees excellent navigability. - Finite element structural calculation software have been used to define a more rigid and lighter structure than conventional ones, thanks to an innovative structural coupling system. - Software for the fluid dynamic simulation of the resin path inside the mold during the hull manufacturing process have allowed our technicians to optimize the manufacturing process of the fiberglass parts ensuring that each part of the laminate is characterized by the right impregnation ratio of the glass fibers and that everything happens in the established times and with the right catalysis ratios, guaranteeing structural integrity and superior aesthetic qualities of each product. The robotic painting room, in which the best gelcoats and the best paints are used, allows to perform optimal painting cycles and to be able to offer at the same time a huge choice for the colors of the hull. Special machines are used for cutting glass fabrics. which are thus cut with millimeter precision and can be arranged in the mold by orienting the fibers of the fabric along the main directions of the efforts. Special resins are prepared by high volume resin machinery managed by electronic PLCs, guaranteeing the correct catalysis of each gram of resin catalyzed in the mold. Automated warehouses served by numerically controlled work centers allow to offer a high level of customization of the boat's furnishings.