Accessory services for the upkeep of your boat. Training courses for crew and Team building courses for the Business world

Not only do you need a good boatyard and a great project to create the perfect boat, but there are other factors, for example; a competent and close-knit crew, the qualities of the person who is responsible for the running of your boat and looking after “ its economic interests”, and appropriate qualified training courses for the owner if they also want to skipper their own boat. All these together will make your boat become the jewel that you have always dreamt of.
Then, if you do not own a boat yet, we can help you to find one either to charter or rent, which will allow you to get to know and fall in love with the world of sail, and eventually, once you have gained a certain amount of experience and skill, then we can help you to buy one.

Our company offers you all these elements, following our high standards of excellence and they will become essential for you as a boat owner.

Here are the services we can offer:

Recruitment, Selection and Management of crews:
As it is not always easy to find a good captain, a second officer or engineer.

Search for Moorings and Bunkering:
Our objective will be to find a home for your boat. We will search for moorings and can offer bunkering services at our bases all over the Mediterranean.

Boat Maintenance:
All the typical tasks that a boat owner must carry out, ranging from dealing with paperwork to the cleaning, from ensuring the boat is well guarded to dealing with insurance and maintenance deadlines, from checking that maintenance is being carried out to managing the crew, we will do in your place as if the boat were our own.

Economic Management of your boat:
Can you manage to pay all the bills while keeping an eye on the budget but without giving up on the highest quality? Do you think that your “toy” can actually produce an income for you? Yes, it is possible and we can show you how!

Support during competitions and races:
As someone who has taken part in so many races all over the world, often coming in the first places, Tommy Moscatelli can help you to manage your “racing team”, choosing the best professionals for the crew, for the sails, for the rigging, and for the fine tuning of your racing boat.

Training courses tailored to your personal needs:
In collaboration with Vivere la Vela Scuola di Vela, with schools in both Rome- Porto di Roma and Milan, we can offer training courses that are suitable for your personal level and your purposes. It has never been so easy to learn seafaring skills on your own boat.

Business Team Development courses:
We can create and manage business training courses on Team Building, with events held in a boating environment.

Charter and Nautical Broker:
We will be happy to find you a boat in any part of the world, with or without crew, to allow you to try out some of the most beautiful boats on the market while enjoying yourselves.